4 Portals

We are on a mission to make EdTester the one-stop shop where students learn, teachers teach, parents monitor, and administrators analyze/improve.

Our Promise

Simplicity and Ease of use will always be a focus. We will continue to improve with the help of user feedback from students, teachers, parents, and administrators. We also take issues, bugs, and broken features seriously. Service breaking issue - Will be fixed in 24 hours. Bug/small visual issue - Will be fixed in 7 Days. User Feedback - Will be built/changed and released in 30 days.


Testing Platform

Create tests in minutes to give to students. Automatic grading and results feedback in real time.

  • District Level Testing and Distribution
  • Automatic Grading and results
  • Ability to share, reuse, and collaborate on tests
  • Auto-Saving / Exit and return later abilities



Take control of the content that your students see. Online lesson planning for all classes. Good bye to pen and paper!

  • Assignments. Grading. Announcements.
  • Lesson Discussion boards
  • End of lesson assessments utilizing built in testing platform
  • Assistive Attendance taking
  • Lesson Planning

Stay Tuned

We have so much more on the way. We just aren't close enough yet to release the new services. They have to be just right for you but we will keep you updated along the way.

We would love to chat!

Are you interested? Want more information? We work directly with administrators at the district level to figure out what EdTester can do to help. We would love to get in touch.